I've been purchasing Chaga from Canadian Chaga for two years. Due to Chaga I feel more energetic and have an overall better outlook on life. Also, I was on a six month appointment schedule with my gynecologist and now I only have to go every twelve months. I totally credit Chaga for this change in my health.


          Former Braniff Flight Attendant 

About a year ago, I started drinking Chaga Tea. My health was deteriorating badly, I was constantly getting sick. Having cold after cold. Very weak I could barely walk. I am truly grateful that my friend Chad found out through the Braniff Grapevine about me. My immune system was so weak. After using the Chaga I became stronger and physically better. My muscles strengthened. I didn't suffer with as much chronic pain as I used to. And not only that I lost so much body fat. Went from a size 10 to a size 6 wirhin a month. I drank the tea everyday. Thank you Chad for helping me. Chaga is awesome. I need to order the pills next. May God Bless you more. Candie Menchaca Kinder...

                   Flight Attendant Testimony 
Here is my testimony to CanadianChaga.
 I been having continously bronchitis and colds for about every other month over the course of 10 years. Physicians  prescribed loads of antibiotics and cough syrup to me. Nothing really work cause my immune system couldn't heal by all the bandaid in medications.  In addition, I felt tired and run down. I also have high blood pressure for 20 years and take medication for it.  My readings weren't steady and it fluctuated from time to time.  Since taking Chaga beginning of February 1, 2016, I only been sick twice this year. Chaga strengthen my immune system and made me mentally and physically stronger. It made my mind sharper to focus and accomplish tasks at hand. My energy level is stronger and it allow me to withstand longer work hours without being tired.   My blood pressure also improve with a steady reading of 132/84 to 122/80. Near to normal blood pressure. Chaga had improved my overall health!! I have Chad to thank forever! Thank you very much!
Judy from USA 

She is a Flight Attendant from an American Carrier 

From Great Britain 

Hi, just letting you know that I am very pleased with the benefits that I am experiencing from taking your Canadian Chaga. I noticed after about five days that my energy levels were getting higher, I noticed mainly when walking that I had more energy, and that I was walking more briskly and energetically. Also for the men, I have started waking up with "a morning delight" if you get the drift. Thank you for all of your advice Chad, I have placed a order on your site ordering more of the Chaga capsules. Feel free to share my comments on your site Chad, and once again thank you. George Carr, Sunderland, U.K.

Canadian Chaga.com 


 Here.I'm on medications for bipolor, depression and anxiety, these meds make me tired and slow during the day. Than I got the chaga pills and started taking one in the morning, and boy did my energy come back. Than a month later I came up north to visit my mom and Chad interduced me to chaga tea. Wow its even better than the pills. I finally have more energy to actually do stuff. Thanks Chad you have a forever customer now. I'm so happy to have my energy back. I can't thankyou enough, chaga customer for life

Valerie U

Testimonials from around the world about how good Canadian Chaga Company provides Chaga. Chaga mushroom is 100% pure with no additives what so ever.  It is considered by many to be one of the best organic foods known to man.

Diane Mcfarlane

Good morning. I have been using your capsules for a long time now, it is the only thing I have ever found to allow me to be pain-free. Thank you tor your products and may God bless you for your products in my life. I have always bought them at The Pantry in Barrys Bay. I live in Foymount and am moving now (which saddens me), I am worried about not having access to the capsules and the lady at The Pantry told me to order them online through your website. I noticed the prices are in US dollars and wondering how much that is in Canadian dollars and do I pay you in US dollars or Cdn? Thank you so very much, I don't know how chaga works on pain but I am so appreciative that it does. Thank you.