Chad hunting for Chaga on horseback in the Northern Canadian Forest 

We at Canadian Chaga Company have only one product to sell and that is Canadian Chaga. You can be sure we use the freshest and best Chaga we can find and we never put any additives in our Chaga. What you get is 100% pure Chaga processed in sanitary conditions and you purchase it from right where it is grown in Northern Canada.

Chaga Mushroom Tea Recipe

Fill a Slow cooker (Crock Pot) with water and add  1/4 ounce of Chaga chunks and two teaspoons of Chaga powder. Cook for 4 to 8 hours under a medium setting. When finished drink as tea or add it to your morning coffee using a ladle, half Chaga, half Coffee. 
The Chaga will take the acid out of the coffee and add an interesting flavor.
When you are down to 2/3s of the crock pot add water to the top and two teaspoons of Chaga powder and reheat for 2 hours.
You can repeat this many times as the Chaga goodness will keep making tea or until the color of the tea is gone.
If you want to add more flavor to a cup of Chaga tea then add a bit of Cinnamon, vanilla or honey.

Chaga Capsules

Chaga Capsules is one of the best ways to take Chaga as you are more likely to take Chaga every day for your health. 

The King of Herbs

Chaga's Scientific name is  Inonotus Obliquus and it is a non-toxic mushroom that has many medicinal qualities. Chaga is known as one of the highest food antioxidants in the world and it has the highest level of superoxide dismutase or (SOD) that has been detected in any food or herb. 
The two most beneficial ways to consume the properties of Chaga are grinding it into a powder and brewing it as a tea, also known as a hot water extraction.
The active components in Chaga are now thought to be a combination of Amino Acids, Beta Glucans, Betulinic Acid, Calcium, Chloride, Copper, Dietary Fiber, Enzymes, Flavonoids, Germanium, Inotodiols, Iron, Lanosterol, Manganese, Magnesium, Melanin, Pantothenic Acid, Phenols, Phosphorus, Phytonutrients, Polysaccharides, Potassium, Saponins, Selenium, Sodium, Sterols, Trametenolic Acid, Tripeptides, Triterpenes, Triterpenoids, Vanillic-Acid, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin D2 (Ergosterol), Vitamin K and Zinc.

Chaga is rich in natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phenols, containing the compounds betulin and betulinic acid – which derive directly from host birch trees. Both betulin and betulinic acid demonstrate anti-tumor effects, which explain why Chaga is known as an anti-cancer agent. Additionally, some science shows that betulin can play a beneficial role in controlling metabolic disorders, such as obesity and metabolic syndrome. A group of compounds in Chaga called lanostane
ids also appear to play significant anti-cancer roles.

The exact anti-cancer activity of Chaga is not completely understood, but some compounds in the fungus boost immune activity, some specifically prevent cancer cells from replicating, and others cause premature cancer cell death. This argues for the utilization of a whole Chaga extract, rather than isolating a single compound. In Chaga, many agents appear to be active against cancer.

One of the most surprising benefits of Chaga is in regards to psoriasis. In one Russian study, psoriasis patients who took Chaga recovered from their condition. Given that psoriasis is notoriously difficult to treat and responds to very little therapies, this effect alone could be of enormous benefit to many.

The compound ergosterol in Chaga, along with related agents, shows anti-inflammatory activity. This may account for why Chaga is thought of as a life-extending agent in China, as inflammation is part of every chronic, degenerative disease. Reducing systemic inflammation can mitigate or help prevent a variety of health problems, leading to a healthier life – and presumably a longer one.

Traditionally, Chaga has been used for a variety of purposes. Scientific investigation Chaga’s use as an anti-allergy agent shows that in animals, the fungus has the ability to prevent anaphylactic shock – a serious and potentially fatal consequence of a severe allergy. In another study, administration of an extract of Chaga reduced infection due to the Herpes simplex virus.
In a cell study, Chaga showed potent activity against the hepatitis C virus. Whether this same activity will prove true in living humans remains to be seen, but if it does, then Chaga will benefit thousands of people who often suffer for many years with this crippling disease.

Chaga products are widely available in natural food stores and on the Internet. One Chaga product
Considering that spring is here and Chaga demonstrates value against allergies, this may be an excellent time to try Chaga, whose nickname “Mushroom of Immortality” appears to be far more than just a clever slogan.

 Chaga is one of God's greatest gifts for your health

When young, life is all about gaining and losing material things. But as one gets older, priorities change, and extending good health becomes all-important. In lieu, Chaga becomes the core of your regimen to achieve that goal.

We at find the best life giving Chaga there is on planet Earth, and process it in a superior way to extract all the natural goodness it affords. In this way, our purest form of Chaga facilitates your desire for the best product available. Chaga is so powerful, so respected, that world famous Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had written a book on it. As well, it has been declared an anti-cancer agent by the U.S. Government's Library of medicine (Pub Med). Chaga, like all good things, is extremely rare, impossible to reproduce artificially, and can take up to 30 years to grow in the wilderness. And out of that wilderness, your good health becomes the beneficiary of this, one of the oldest, but yet least known defenses against cancers and other debilitating diseases.  

Here's to you in creating your new health regimen!  

My best to you,
Chad Beckwith-Smith (AKA "The Chaga Hunter.") 
Owner of 
Combermere, Ontario Canada©️

Ty Bollinger"s 
The truth about 

Is a great place to start learning about your health and Cancer. He recommends Chaga in his programs and we have the best Chaga in the world. 

If Cancer Scares You, Start taking Chaga now!

Over 20,000 people die each day from cancer. So if it scares you, that’s understandable.

However… whether you’re trying to avoid cancer or beat it if you’ve got it, there is one very powerful antidote to the fear, and to the disease itself: knowledge and Chaga.

In the US Government's Library of medicine (Pub Med) it states that Chaga is anti-Cancer and if you go to you’ll discover the most powerful ways to prevent, treat, heal from, and beat the disease. Though you haven’t heard of most of these ways, you deserve.

We recommend to only buy Chaga from the Canadian Rural companies that go out in the forest and harvest it themselves. There are a lot of Companies in cities that with slick advertising try to fool you into buying Chaga that is grown indoors. It is not the same as wild Chaga and has great differences in their chemical makeup. 

Try not to buy Chaga from China or Siberia it may be loaded with radiation that is not good for you because of Chernobyl and Fukushima explosive nuclear reactor.

“Trust mother nature not mother profit”

Chad Beckwith-Smith.

Take  Chaga capsules so you can reduce the chance of Cancer.

Data from the cancer tracking systems in the US suggest that cancer is increasing. The tracking systems record new cases of cancer in some areas of the US.  The largest tracking system is called SEER and is funded and overseen by agencies in the federal Department of Health and Human Services. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children (after accidents).

Chaga is anti-cancer

US Government Site shows Chaga mushroom helps stop the spread of cancer including Breast and lung Cancer.  It is also an immune system booster along with being anti-cancer. Chaga mushroom has  immune system boosters and is anti-cancer

Chaga will extend your life so you don't have to die so why not give Chaga a try. 

Chaga can help boost your immune system!

       Health Chaga 
News !

Chaga is anti-cancer and  also helps to cure the following

• Halts the growth of cancer tumors 
• Lowers high cholesterol.
• Repairs "sludge blood" and reverses "sticky blood".
• Boosts the oxygenation of your blood.
• Eases inflammation and soothes arthritis pain.
• Protects the body from oxidative stress.
• Prevents kidney stones and protects the body from oxalates in coffee and tea.
• Alkalizes the body, helping to balance overly acidic dietary habits.
• Cures ulcers, IBS, Crohn's disease and other digestive disorders.
• Reduces high blood pressure natural, by treating the cause, not just the symptoms.
• Nourishes the body with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and glyconutrients.
• Accelerates healing from physical burns and radiation burns.
• Replaces dozens of first aid products, makes bandages and antibacterial sprays obsolete.
• Halts, colon cancer, heals the intestines and lubricates the digestive tract.
• Ends constipation.
• Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces triglycerides in diabetics.
• Prevents and treats candida infections.
• Protects the kidneys from disease.
• Functions as nature's own "sports drink" for electrolyte balance, making common sports drinks obsolete.
• Boosts cardiovascular performance and physical endurance.
• Speeds recovery from injury or physical exertion.
 Canadian Chaga is an immune system booster. So if you would like to live long and not die ,give it a try.

Breast Cancer

Why Risk getting Breast Cancer, take Chaga Today. The US Library of medicine says it is anti-Cancer. So what are you waiting for? Maybe you should start taking  Chaga before it is too late.

"For every decade of life, if you look at a population ... cancer rates go up the older you are," said Dr. Otis Brawley, the chief medical and scientific officer and executive vice president of the American Cancer Society.

Prostate Cancer

The US Government says Chaga it is anti- Cancer so why, take the risk of getting cancer, start taking capsules today.

Disclaimer: This is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. Anyone who has a serious disease should consult a physician before initiating any change in treatment or before beginning any new treatment

Mushrooms of Immortality: Modern Medicine From Ancient Chinese Herbs

Medicinal mushrooms and mushroom extracts are used worldwide to fight cancer and enhance and modulate immune response. Lentinula edodes (shiitake), Grifola frondosa (maitake), Ganoderma lucidum (mannentake), and Cordyceps have a history of medicinal use for millennia in parts of Asia. Research has indicated mushrooms have  anti-cancer, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and liver protective activities. Here are six of the most well-researched anti-cancer mushrooms rich in polysaccharides and beta glucans, the primary active immune-

Coming soon we will be selling Wild Reishi depending upon it's availability as locally people will travel hundreds of miles to get it from us as it is wild not cultivated and very rare.

Ganoderma Reishi Mushroom Ling Zhi, Mannentake, "The Mushroom of Immortality"

This is one of the great longevity tonics of Chinese Medicine used in cancer treatment in Traditional and Modern Chinese Medicine to improve vitality, strength and stamina and to prolong life. Reishi enhances immune response, alleviates chemotherapy side effects such as nausea and kidney damage and protects cellular DNA by raising antioxidant capacity. 

Canadian Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Mushroom is one of God's greatest gifts for your health 

 Chaga Mushroom 
Our daily capsule package is the ideal way to take Chaga. We ship worldwide to help fight cancer, and for those who are on a specific cancer diet, with or without an anticancer drug therapy. Chaga is safe, natural and effective for longevity with no known negative side effects. It is good for any cancer diet and has been known to work with other anticancer drugs. Be sure to always include your Doctor in this healing process.


Chaga 124 Capsules

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The Truth about Cancer 
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  Cleanliness, full disclosure and safety first, is our motto.

This is how we build a relationship of trust with each other.  We at  company provide only 100% pure local dehydrated Chaga processed under the most strict sanitary conditions. None of our Chaga is ever touched by human hands. Our Chaga is anti-cancer.

We wear disposable plastic gloves during the entire process of weighing, mixing, and making our Chaga.  We wear a dust mask over our mouth and nose (this protects you as much as it protects the quality of the Chaga. We ALWAYS wash our hands.  Once opened, we store Chaga in airtight containers to avoid contamination.  Everyone wears a hair net while in the processing room.  All Chaga is steamed cleaned on the exterior when brought in from the forest 

We at Canadian Chaga Company have only one product to sell and that is Chaga. You can be sure we use the freshest and best Chaga we can find and we never put any additives in our Chaga. What you get is 100% pure Chaga processed in sanitary conditions and you purchase it from right where it is grown in Northern Canada.

Chaga can help cure Cancer according to the US Library of Medicine > It is hard to find, It is rare and cannot be cultivated most of it is like 25 years old. Ty Bollinger of " The Truth about Cancer: talks about how good Chaga is on his program I go out and ride horseback to find it and process only under the cleanest conditions. Then I sell it on my website so if you need it buy some as it will help your body and you will live longer and healthier. I am 62 years old and climb trees 35 feet in the air to get the Chaga.

 Don't buy Siberian Chaga it is not real Chaga for the most part as they dilute it with junk rice and call it Chaga. Only buy Chaga from where it is grown by the people who know how to harvest it in wild and free Canada. Here is to your health May God bless you all.

Canadian Chaga helps to cure Cancer stated by the US Government Library of Medicine.

Our Canadian Chaga will help to cure cancer according to the US Government Pub Med!

 Our Chaga capsules are free from artificial flavors, artificial colors, corn, gluten, wheat, lactose. dairy, preservatives, added sugar, yeast, and GMO materials.

Chaga Kit 
Chaga 90 Capsules 
2 ounces of Chaga Chunks for tea
+ shipping 

Our pricings reflect the purity of Canadian Chaga. Contrary to other similar products currently marketed, our Chaga is 100% pure, and free of any additives. Good health to you all!

Keep healthy to live wealthy

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